West Delhi: Major Bhupinder Singh Nagar Area which falls under Tilak Nagar Assembly Constituency was facing acute water shortage problem and the residents were living is such a miserable condition. Actually this area comes at the end zone of water supply by Deli Jal Board. In the summer season, the situation goes bad to worst. The residents of the nearby area approached area MLA Mr. O. P. Babber in the guidance of Major Bhupinder Singh Nagar BJP Mandal Chairman Mr. Ashok Sharma. Mr. Babber listened to the problems of the resident properly and he asked to the officers of Delhi Jal Board to survey about this matter and gives them proper report. DJB Officers suggested to install a Boring Water Pump in this colony to solve the water shortage problem. Mr. Babber agreed for this and he inaugurated Boring Water Pump on 1st May 2010. The people were very happy and they thanked to their lovable MLA Mr. Babber.
                At this occasion, Major Bhupinder Singh Nagar BJP Mandal President Lakhwinder Sihgh Jolly, General Secretary Mr. Amardeep Kapila, Charanjeet Singh Lovely, Mr. Ashok Sharma, Smt. Surjeet Kaur, Smt. Amarpreet Kaur, S. Gurmeet Singh, Pusa Mandal President Mr. Lala Ram, Mr. Devender Singh, Smt. Gurmeet Kaur, Mr. Sukhbeer Singh, Mr. Kunwarjeet Singh, Mr. Harvinder Singh and hundreds of other residents of nearby area were also present.

West Delhi - Previous days, the residents of Shankar Garden, A - Block were facing great difficulties due to the bad condition of Road. They approached the Area MLA Mr. O. P. Babber and Area MCD Councillor Mr. Yashpal Arya and draw their kind consideration towards the problem being faced by them. Mr. O. P. Babber has taken immediate action and finally on 18th April, Mr. Babber and Councillor Mr. Yashpal Arya inaugurated the construction work of RMC Road in Shankar Garden, New Delhi-110018. Tilak Nagar MCD Councillor Dr. Anita Babber was also present at this occasion. The people of this colony were very happy at the time of inauguration and they welcomed Mr. O. P. Babber, Mr. Yashpal Arya and Dr. Anita Babber with flower and garland.
                In his public address, Mr. O. P. Babber said that, "I am very committed about the development works in my Assembly Constituency and for this I am trying my best to do so. I also feel proud that the Area Councillor Mr. Yashpal Arya, who is also my political GURU, is doing well for the development of this ward."
                At this occasion RWA President Mr. S. D. Rathi, Mr. Suraj Chopra, Mr. Nawal Bhardwaj, Mr. Ramesh Bansal, Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, Mr. Gurudev, Mr. Y. P. Sood, Mr. R. L. Sibbal, Mr. K. C. Talwar, Mr. S. P. Pawar, Mr. R. C. Nagar, Mr. Surender Sahwag, Mr. Raghubir Chopra, Mr. S. L. Aanand, Mr. R. C. Monga, Mr. M. K. Kalra, Dr. Devender Kumar, Mahesh Aggarwal, Mr. S. C. Sikka, Mr. Anil Chopra and the other colonist were present.
Tilak Nagar -: We all know that most of colonies in Tilak Nagar Assembly Constituency come under the end zone of water supply of Delhi Jal Board. In summer season the water supply condition goes bad to worst and people do not get proper water even for drinking.
Seeing the water supply deficiency in Ksihna Park Street No. 19 to 22 in Mahavir Nagar Ward No. 113, the area MLA Mr. O. P. Babber decided to put new water line in that streets for uninterrupted water supply and he inaugurated new water line connection on 15th April 2010 in the presence of Area MCD Councillor Mr.
Yashpal Arya. The people of this colony were very delighted thanked to the MLA Sh. O. P. Babber.
At this occasion, Mahavir Nagar BJP Mandal President Mr. Harish Oberoy, General Secretary Mr. Arvind Bhashkar, Ex-President Mr. Shyam Sunder Chawla, Tagore Garden BJP Mandal Chairman Mr. Rajnish Diwan, Surender Singh, Shanti Prakash, Dinesh Arora, Satpal Bhatia, B. R. Miglani, Om Prakash, Gurmeet Singh, R. C. Bansal, Teja Singh, Kartar Singh, Bihari Lal, Lakshman Dass, Kishan Lal and the member of Resident Welfare Association were also present.
New Delhi- Budhela Road, Near Ganesh Nagar, New Delhi-110018 which is falling under Tilak Nagar Assembly Constituency, was in bad shape and people of nearby are facing great difficulties due to the miserable condition of this road. In rainy season, the situation became bad to worst due to pit on this road. After seeing such condition of Budhela Road, MLA Mr. O. P. Babber decided to build a new Ready Mix Concrete Road for a permanent solution and he inaugurated the RMC Road construction work on 17th April 2010. People were very happy to know about that within one month the road will be constructed. They welcomed Mr. O. P. Babber and local Municipal Councillor Mr. Yashpal Arya with flowers and garland.
At this occasion, Social Worker Mr. Darshan Lal Dilauri, Mahavir Nagar Mandal President Mr. Harish Oberoy, Mr. Shyam Sunder Chawla, Mr. Arvind Bhasker, Mr. R. C. Bansal, Mr. Krishna Lal, Mr. Rakesh Chandok, Mr. Shandi Prakash, Mr. Jagjeet Singh Sethi, Mr. Harjeet Singh, Mr. Bhupender Singh, Mr. Vinod Chug and hundreds of other respected citizen were also present.
Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Swami Vivekanand has inspired the whole world. His words of wisdom “Service to man as the visible manifestation of the Godhead was the special form of worship he advocated for the Indians, devoted as they were to the rituals and myths of their ancient faith.” has inspired me the most in my life.

Deen Dayal Upadhyay’s theory of integral humanism is the best theory for any political worker to implement in his own life for the betterment of mankind, society and the nation.

Let all of us put our heart & soul into making an India of our dreams 'Vishwa Gura Bharat' where everyone shall be prosperous, free of disease and with a pious heart & soul.

Let us pledge to make health & Education a social movement for achieving the goal of Health for all for our country. India has the potential to create a successful and replicable model in every field for the whole world including health. Our ancient medical wisdom has successfully wished everyone.

“The more I look at human beings, the more I love my dog". Someone said it once.. It should inspire us to introspect our behavior towards fellow human beings with utmost sincerity.

Let everyone think about one's health, develop positive health attitude and life styles and strengthen preventive strategies for health. Let us walk a little bit for our own health. Let us eat a little less for our own health and ensure absence of physical inactivity in our life and also in the life of our friends, well-wishers & countrymen.

Let us pledge to wipe a few tears from the face of the most deprived, most deprived of even the basic needs of life whether it is house, food, shelter, education, sanitation, clothes. Let us pledge to live an ego-less life, full of love and compassion for others, learn to share love and sorrow, distribute prosperity & take back sufferings.
        From my young days I have been associated with the social and religious organizations which helped the poor, helpless, destitute, widows and down- trodden poor people. This did not provide me full solace and I always felt in myself that much more is to be done to end the sufferings of this society.

My association with RSS strengthened my above mission. I attend regular Shakhas and participate in all social activities. At the time of partition of the country in 1947, I was in Kasur (Lahore). RSS rescue operations, rescuing children, ladies, old aged from the fanatics and arranging shelter camps, helping in restoring missing children and ladies etc, has last long lasting effect on me and I realized that it is the RSS only which is strongly dedicated to Patriotism; this helped me in my decision of associating with RSS.

I joined politics, with only zeal to serve the needy and down trodden people in 1967. I was elected as MCD Councillor with the majority support of people on Bhartiya Janta Party ticket; as BJP ideologies match with RSS ideologies. Some people term BJP as Communal party.

In fact "Hindutva" is beautiful art of living and not a communal party. But, some hardcore term, it a communal party. In 1975, Emergency was imposed by the Congress Government. Common man was deprived off the Rights of Expression and Freedom. This sent a wave of shock, disappointment among the patriots. I also protested the imposition of Emergency and was put to Jail for 19 months. I reconciled with my Jail Life and was not frustrated. Rather I utilized my stay in Jail in realizing the hard realities of life and had chance to study religious scriptures Geeta, Quran, Bible, Upnishad, Jatak, Zind-A-Vesta etc and writings of several eminent authors. I realized that "Dharms" do not divide but in fact preach love and unity. It is equally surprising that several massacres had been done on the name of "Dharms." My life during Jail stay was life of simplicity. I had limited minimum personal belongings, which has taught me to be contented with minimum bare necessities.

I believe in Simple living and High Thinking. Unlike others I do not believe in Show Biz and avoid holding Birthday Parties at 5 Star Hotels, which are nothing but wastage of time and money. Instead I devote myself and my resources for the well-being of needy. I celebrate such events with the members of my family. I manage my schedule religiously and am firm believer of punctuality. To me "who is late in the morning is late throughout the day" "who is late in the day is late throughout the week" and thus he will be late the whole year/life. I work 16 hours daily and am staunch believer of the fact that "Neta is part and parcel of Janta. Neta is meant to redress the grievances of Janta and not to overlook them." I follow this principle.